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Virginia Tech Postdoctoral Association (VTPA)

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1. Travel Funds Awarded for NPA Annual Meeting
2. Charles Smith wins Edward F. Obert Award
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Our Mission

The mission of the Virginia Tech Postdoctoral Association (VTPA) is to improve the postdoctoral research experience and quality of life at Virginia Tech.  The VTPA strives to assure professional development opportunities and a sense of community for every postdoc, and collectively be recognized for contributions to basic research, the university research mission and society.

Welcome to Virginia Tech Postdoctoral Association

The Virginia Tech Postdoctoral Association is a new informal organization dedicated to addressing the needs and concerns of all VT Postdocs. Creation of this association resulted mainly from concerns among Virginia Tech's Postdocs about:

  • the need for support and resources that meet the specific needs of postdoctoral scholars at Virginia Tech;
  • the desire for an organized and official University voice for postdoctoral scholars;
  • the need for networking and community building opportunities for postdoctoral scholars;

The VTPA aims to enhance, support, and promote postdoctoral training here at Virginia Tech by:

  • Providing resources for Postdoc professional development,
  • Generate awareness about problems common to all Postdocs,
  • Generate networking opportunities targeted at the postdoctoral career/life stage,
  • Foster a sense of community among postdoctoral scholars.

We invite you to become part of the association or the Postdoc Advisory Board and we welcome your ideas and suggestions to improve the quality of postdoctoral life here at Virginia Tech. By participating in the VT Postdoctoral Association or leadership of the postdoc advisory board you have the opportunity to build your own leadership skills, meet other Postdocs outside of your home department, network and negotiate with others, and serve the community.

To communicate with members of the VT Postdoctoral Association and to receive updates of VTPA events and announcements a listserv has been created:

If you have any questions regarding the listserve or would like to submit an article or announcement for our e-newsletter please contact:

Sandra Muse, Senior Director for Research Faculty Initiatives
Office of the Vice President for Research
301 Burruss Hall
MC0244, or 231-9380

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